Liz is a confident, strong and engaging public speaker who motivates and inspires her audience to action. Infused with stories of successes, failures and everything in between, she teaches her audience how to practically and easily Step Up and Lead with Intent
Liz will be speaking at Secrets in the Garden in 2016 on Powerfully Feminine Leadership
Great leaders create and communicate an inspiring vision of the way they see the future but most importantly Great Leaders have mastered the art of leading themselves.
Liz McCoy
When I learnt this it changed the way I understood human behaviours. When I took action and applied it as a leader, it profoundly changed the way my teams functioned and achieved success.

Leadership Coaching

Our vision is to provide our clients with an environment to safely express their greatest wants and needs; teach and inspire them to create a unique version of themselves; and enable them to live beyond their dreams. We believe that every individual has the potential to be truly brilliant and contribute in an amazing way to the world around them.

Breasts In The Boardroom

Breasts in the Boardroom’ is the flagship leadership development program of iWANT enterprises and is specifically designed to teach and coach women into powerful and persuasive leadership roles.

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Intentional Leadership

Intentional leadership is having your attention sharply focused on deliberately influencing and leading people – to achieve organizational and business goals.

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Executive Coaching

Leaders cast a long shadow — when they are able to walk their talk, people listen and are likely to follow suit, improving the levels of enthusiasm, trust, and team effectiveness throughout a team or organization.

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About Me

Leadership Coach For Women


Liz McCoy

Leadership Coach, Founder iWANT Enterprises

My name is Liz McCoy and my focus has always been on intentional influence and powerful persuasion. As a Leadership Coach, this translates to real connections with real people working together towards a common vision.

Welcome to this community of people who are genuinely interested in leadership development. I love being in the company of like minded individuals who are actually committed to growth and personal excellence 

And this place filled with incredible people who view the world with curiosity and wonder – as a canvas to constantly learn & grow.

I’m thrilled that you have taken the step towards growth because loads of people simply never muster that courage. And it is truly courageous, to step out from crowd, hand up and honestly say “I want to be a leader. I am willing to accept the responsibility that comes with influencing and leading people”.

I trust that your interest in this particular site has been sparked by your own desires to not only experience more of the world, but to develop your own leadership skills and ultimately enable you to give back on a much bigger scale!

I have had the absolute privilege of studying under some incredible leaders, as well as leading an international team of about 300 people myself for a number of years, so I love that I can present this to you in a way that allows you to see the structure, the system thinking, or if you are a Matrix fan like me – see the ‘Matrix’. (Does everyone know the Matrix? Keanu Reeves, Morgan Freeman, the best ever long black leather coat?)

I deconstruct leadership to provide you with a framework that will inspire you to step up and into your own leadership journey with clarity and with confidence


iWANT enterprises is an innovative, dynamic organization offering both tailored corporate and individual leadership development programs.
Leadership is serious business. It is a journey of epic porportions that includes the development of personal responsibility and accountability, as well as teaching the skills required to effectively influence other people whilst being authentic, congruent and true to your own beliefs and values


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