Leadership Coach Australia

Liz McCoy

Founder and Director

During her early professional career Liz was engaged as an Emergency Nurse. Contracted nationally throughout Emergency Departments around Australia she developed her capacity and understanding of human behaviour. Working on a daily basis with acute physical and mental dysfunction enabled Liz with unique insights into human behaviour, observing the capacity of an individuals mindset to either raise them to live a successful, goal orientated life; or a struggling, broken one.

Liz’s experience and unique insights within this field garnered the attention of the West Australian Department of Health. For almost a decade Liz’s skills were utilized in leading and implementing vast projects and clinical change initiatives in the metropolitan Emergency Departments of Western Australia. Recognized for her natural leadership abilities and her contributions to both injury prevention programs in WA, and business process resign for system efficiencies, Liz’s strengths focused on quality improvement programs designed to provide better health outcomes, and building great work cultures by providing exceptional leadership.

With a decade of knowledge working for various major government departments, Liz’s expertise was well sought after by the private sector of international corporations. Liz transitioned into the development of specialized healthcare software and during this period her drive and passion continued to focus of the establishment of exceptional leadership and workplace culture as being paramount to the delivery of the vision of the business. Her experience enabled her to successfully build and support large virtual teams whilst implementing significant and profitable healthcare projects.

Liz’s desire for the understanding of human behaviour intricacies has enabled her to develop and fulfill her life, both personal and career, throughout many countries of the world. Her knowledge and understanding of the complexities that make up the human experience, as well as the decade of experience spent in international corporate boardrooms, Liz now directs her passion and knowledge into helping, coaching and growing others, by providing them with the education that will help them build powerful, purposeful leadership and workplace cultures.


  • The Leadership Coaching I undertook with Liz was an awesome experience. Liz was able to skillfully apply the right mix of education, insight, and support to enable me to step up to the future leader I am becoming. I have learned many valuable lessons on how to lead consciously and authentically, and I have gained the self-belief in my leadership abilities needed to take action. I would highly recommend Elizabeth as a conduit for great success in aspiring or evolving leaders.ly

    Dr Vanessa Thiele
    Dr Vanessa Thiele Psychologist, Coach, Trainer, Writer. Activating the Potential of People.
  • Elizabeth is skilled in the area of questioning and listening. Her strategies are based in sound research and understanding and her capacity to help move people past their problem perceptions and into a space of supreme productivity are unique. Elizabeth is a trustworthy, reliable step in progressing forward.

    Dale Rees-Bevan
    Dale Rees-Bevan RESULTS-FOCUSED Presentation & Communication Skills Trainer at DALE REES-BEVAN
  • I had the privilege of collaborating with Elizabeth as she trained me in leadership in 2015. I find myself truly lucky to have met her as she has taught me some very important things that have improved my skills and have helped me tremendously in my leadership role. I warmly recommend Elizabeth as a trainer to anyone who is looking to improve their leadership skills. Elizabeth is a true professional with a vast knowledge and has an amazing ability to transfer her knowledge to others. Learning from her was a pleasure.

    Robert Butina
    Robert Butina Managing Director at Pulse One Technologies Pty Ltd
  • Breasts in the Boardroom' with Liz McCoy was one of the best courses I have undertaken, making me fully accountable for all the goals that we set for both for me personally and for my business.  Liz challenged me at every level and made me fully accountable for my actions, taking me out of my comfort zone. I was thrilled to put first hand some new leadership techniques in play and got exactly the result that I wanted from my team. What I appreciated the most about working with Liz was I feel more confident in my leadership abilities and understand how to get the best out of my team through personality profiling.

    Louise Roberts
    Louise Roberts Managing Director, Just Coffee