Margie Bryant is a passionately motivated and incredibly nurturing Wellness and Lifestyle Consultant.
A former champion swimmer and corporate high flyer, she now helps people to help themselves, and live the life of their dreams – doing what is in their hearts to do.


Margie is a class act. She is full of kindness, compassion and wisdom. Her belief in business and wellness match her spirituality and values of extending love and having a positive impact on as many lives as possible.


She is a sincere advocate of business and devotes her life to educating the public about nutrition and by coaching and supporting people, tirelessly offering helpful and guidance on how to build their business.


Margie has a strong set of personal values that drives her passion. She takes a multidisciplinary approach to wellness and health and this allows her to create opportunities for herself and others to flourish in body, mind and spirit.
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  • Elly Noma

    I have known Margie for a short time being my mentor in reaching my highest achievement in life. Also in giving so much effort helping others to transform their lives too. Surely she is always ready to help us in so many ways and she is available every minute of the day and night. She never gives up on any difficult challenges and gets the positive sides of them. Thank you Margie for opening my eyes to a much wider horizon and for all the support you give in my self development process. I still need a lot to learn ..but I am sure I can lean on your help, my mentor my friend. Terima kasih Margie.

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