Zeeshan Pasha is the humble & innovative Founder and CEO of the Nifnex Success Academy.
He is a master connector with a passionate focus on establishing a community where businesses owners and entrepreneurs can work and grow in a collaborative environment. Nifnex network includes business newspaper, success academy panel discussions, large empowering networking events like the business expos and awards.


 Zeeshan is a personal branding ambassador with a strong focus on strategy and marketing. He has built a strong reputation within the community for entrepreneurship, helping businesses and connecting them to mutually benefit from each other. He credits the success to the power of personal branding, strategy and ‘thinking outside the square’ marketing which leads to enormous community support and belief in his vision.


Zeeshan now spends his time running monthly educational and networking events at Nifnex Success Academy and coaches business people on their personal branding strategy.
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