Why is it that Success goes to our Head & Failure goes to our Heart?

I think everyone can relate to that?
Failure — you know you Feel Pain? Actual physical pain in your heart, or your stomach, or your chest?
But success? Where do you feel success?
We feel it in our heads … it tends to inflate our egos & we feel it – light, easy & triumphant – in our heads.
Success goes to our head, and failure goes to our heart.
What conclusion can we draw from that? That ‘success’ inflates our ego and ‘failure’ effects our physical health & well being?
I wonder — how do we perceive failure that we let it affect our physical well being??

Do you have a fixed perspective on Failure?

Perspective is our mental view of something – a considered position that we have learned to on take through experience or teaching, & over time – it becomes fixed – that is the way most of us work!
The million dollar question — do you have a fixed perspective on failure that you let it affect your physical well being & stops you stepping into the fullness of your potential??
Somebody once told you that you couldn’t write, so you took on that perspective … & then you walked around thinking & acting like you couldn’t write.
Somebody once told you that you were no good at maths, so you took on that perspective … & then you walked around thinking & acting like you were no good at maths.
Somebody once told you that you weren’t athletic, so you took on that perspective… & then you walked around thinking & acting like you weren’t athletic.

I think you are getting the picture.

The point I am making here is that these are all things are just perspective and you can — by an active choice — choose to revisit; reinvent & adjust your perspective
When we perceive failure or assume a FAILURE BASED THINKING — the natural consequences are a slow erosion of our confidence, leading to a poor self-image.
The perceived failure leads to a lack of incentive or motivation to improve in order to avoid repeat failure.
We then employ avoidance strategies, again to minimize the risk of ongoing failure. This leads to mediocre goals, mediocre jobs, mediocre relationships and mediocre lives.

And we actually have been taught FAILURE BASED THINKING from a very young age — the whole PASS/FAIL mentality! In fact — most of us have been actively practicing it nearly our whole lives, starting in school with our pass/fail based scoring system. I’m sure we are all acutely aware of that? A, B, C, D,E?

A, B, C is PASS

And we get stuck in it! This PASS/FAIL mentality – without even being aware that this particular type of perspective glue is holding us back & making us sick!
How many of us have done something once, failed and never done it again?
FAILURE BASED THINKING = where we systematically & sub consciously consider the result of our actions as a failure

Change Your Thinking!!

The key is — you need to openly and actively look for a different perspective to see something differently.
You may need to change places …
You may need to imagine yourself in another persons shoes …
You may need to create some distance …

New perspectives give you new opportunities because you see more — you have consciously expanded and changed the way you look at something.
I am sure you have all experienced this before? You are involved in the detail of something – at work, or in the detail of a relationship, or the detail of day to day life? And you go on holiday, 1000 km away and all of a sudden everything back there looks different? You have a new perspective!

Failure is Feedback

So this is one of those occasions where we need to ACTIVATE PERSPECTIVE ADJUSTMENT …
From this point forward —
Failure is NOT failure … it is FEEDBACK
Learn quickly to function under FEEDBACK BASED THINKING!!
Failure is disempowering — Feedback empowers you …
Failure leaves you confused — Feedback helps you make decisions …
Failure stops you in your tracks — feedback helps you correct your course; adjust your sails you know to keep going in the right direction …

Feedback is only ever positive – and the question becomes — what do I do in response to that feedback?
How do I correct my life?
How do I learn?
How do I grow?
How do I change, what do I change & keep navigating the path of life?

Feedback is a life changing perspective for you to take on -– propelled & empowered to keep moving forward.

What would you do if you knew you could NOT FAIL??

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