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Breasts In The Boardroom

Ladies – we don’t need to speak, act or think like men to be heard
Power Your Play with Poise And Purposeful Femininity

‘Breasts in the Boardroom’ is the flagship leadership development program of iWANT enterprises and is specifically designed to teach and coach women into powerful and persuasive leadership roles.

Having navigated the Central European Boardroom myself for a number of years, I am intimately aware of the challenges women face in leadership roles, and particularly in those environments traditionally incorporating a higher percentage of males.

‘Breasts in the Boardroom’ focuses on creating the mindset of leadership, which includes personal responsibility and accountability, as well as teaching the skills required to effectively influence other people whilst being authentic and congruent with your own beliefs and values and most importantly, your femininity.

Feminine leadership is purposeful and powerful, yet extremely nurturing and collaborative and I know that women sometime struggle to find that balance in leadership roles, as we traditionally model ourselves on men, often because there are just not enough female role models around.

My passion is to teach and coach as many women as possible into responsible leadership, and encourage them to be a powerful role model for other women.

Womens Leadership Coach

Intentional Leadership

Intentional leadership is having your attention sharply focused on deliberately influencing and leading people – to achieve organizational and business goals.

This is a short term program tailored to fit an organizations unique requirements. Based on the Critical Alignment Model this program begins with attendees exploring their inner self – what they value, character traits, personal sense of purpose, what motivates and inspires them, what gives them strength and courage in the face of adversity. The answers to these questions are the foundations of exceptional leadership.

Intentional Leadership follows a structured program of learning about human behaviour ‘codes’ and teach attendees how to flex their own behaviour to optimize influence, motivate to teams and ultimately exceed organizational KPI’s

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Executive Coaching

Leaders cast a long shadow — when they are able to walk their talk, people listen and are likely to follow suit, improving the levels of enthusiasm, trust, and team effectiveness throughout a team or organization.

High achievers turn to personal coaching to help them reach their goals faster with a scalable structure to improve performance, and a detailed understanding of human behaviours.
Master The 5 Secrets To Effective Leadership through personalized one to one coaching:

#1 Develop a mindset of leadership that drives confidence & certainty
#2 Cultivate a high-energy climate focused on the collective delivery of excellence
#3 Build on your natural strengths & talents
#4 Decode individual performance drivers of each employee & create flexible behaviour to match
#5 Adopt a structure that allows for scalable leadership & career advancement